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Guarantee & Returns

Spirited Jungle Warranty

We strive to make our customers as satisfied as possible, to provide a shopping experience that cannot be matched by any other store! So we are quite displeased in the case of returns, to prevent any return due to sizing, we strongly urge our customers to abide by the sizing charts, do NOT just purchase what size you’d normally take.

However, if you’re completely unsatisfied with your order, under certain circumstances, you may file for a refund or exchange. Returns/Exchanges can be initiated by contacting us at Returns are uncommon but when they happen, we become as upset as our customers.

Return Policy

There are three circumstances where a customer is eligible for a full refund or free new product, in which we are responsible for the error:

  1. In the unfortunate case the product is defective (It is visibly broken, torn, stained, or see-through when the product’s description describes it is not)
  2. The product received is totally different than what the customer requested (Customer requested Product A - Received Product B)
  3. The sizing of the product is different then what was requested (Customer received a small instead of a medium)


  Customers Responsibility (Partial Refund):

  1. The selected size does not fit the customer's measurements.
  2. The customer simply wants a change for another product or return it (we only accept exchanges for the same kind of products: clothes vs clothes, bikini vs bikini, etc.)
  3. Patterns have minor variations according to the picture.
  4. Color is slightly off from the picture.
  5. Material quality is not precisely what the customer wanted.


In these cases, the customer will have to pay a restock fee per product in an order deducted from their refund. Please see our Restock Fee Page here. Customers are responsible for the return shipping costs. In the case the customer’s shipping fee is excessive, we are willing to make some accommodations. Customers MUST file for a return/exchange ticket within 14 days of receiving their product, any refunds/exchanges filed after 14 days of arrival will not be accepted. Your return request must be verified by our team at (we will walk you through the process so it is quick and comfortable). Also, if a return has been received with anything missing from the original order delivered to your shipping address or the order has been clearly taken out and worn, or washed, the refund may be rendered null.



We have a policy where if your order has not been delivered within 60 days we will 100% refund you the total amount spent, no questions asked if your order has not been delivered in a timely manner for any unknown reason.

And again, here at Spirited Jungle we can GUARANTEE our full commitment to our customers, so they are totally satisfied under any circumstance. If you have any concerns about your order please contact us!

Important additional notes

  • You have a maximum of 90 days to claim a package not received.
  • Please complete checkout with the CORRECT shipping information. In the case of an event where you have filled out your shipping information incorrectly and your order has been shipped we will NOT be responsible to refund your total spent or resend the product(s) ordered. This is the customer’s responsibility.
  • Refunds are issued only to the original payment method chosen (We cannot make any alterations to payment methods).
  • Bikini Enhancers cannot be returned for a full refund. All orders with this product will be subject to a disposal fee even if never used.
  • Expedited shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • Once the package is controlled by a local shipping service (Primarily USPS) we are not liable for any issues concerning delays or orders delivered to a local post office. It is the customer's responsibility to monitor the order(s) placed & to contact your local shipping service in order to rectify the problem. Since we do not have jurisdiction over the package at this point, we are not culpable if the order is sent to your post office instead of your address. You would have to provide them your tracking code (not the order number) which is located under Carrier Name when you track your order on our tracking page. If you were to find out the package has departed from the office, we are not responsible for reimbursing your funds.
  • If the customer ships back an order prior to receiving a return/exchange ticket with instructions, issuing funds back may be voided. We have to inspect a photo of your item(s) and provide you with steps how to proceed next where your order would fall under. Please contact us if you'd like to request a return/exchange.
  • If you have received a return/exchange ticket and you have shipped your order back to us past our return/exchange window without providing a tracking number during this window, your return/exchange will be voided. Please send us a tracking number immediately before the 14-day timeframe has ended on your behalf of receiving your order(s).