Free Shipping On All orders

Guarantee & Returns (Orders made before 8/22/18)


Money Back Guarantee

Any brand new item from Spirited Jungle can be returned for a full refund within 30 days after your order has been delivered (Shipping rates do not apply in refunds). Please note the client is responsible for return shipping. Also, if a return has been received with anything missing from the original order delivered to your shipping address, a partial refund will be issued. For scheduling a return or any questions please contact us on our Contact Page.

** Note - We have a policy where if your order has not been delivered by 60 days we will 100% refund you the total amount spent, no questions asked if your order has not been delivered timely for any unknown reason.

Am I Eligible For A Refund?

Returns/Exchanges apply to items that are:

  • Not broken, damaged, stained, scratched
  • Not stolen
  • No missing pieces
  • No tears
  • Unwashed
  • Not delivered as described
  • Does not fit


If a client is not satisfied with their order, have any questions about returns, or any other questions about their order please let us know. Our TOP priority is consumer satisfaction to settle any issues and we work hard constantly improving your shopping experience based on clients' feedback. Get in touch with the Spirited Jungle Staff on our Contact Page.